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PROCITY® - street furniture and access control products

PROCITY® has been designing & manufacturing street furniture and access control products for over 25 years.

The PROCITY® range is probably the most comprehensive brand of street furniture and access control equipment in Europe.

The success of the PROCITY® products can be attributed to the modular design, strength, elegance and life span and the guarantee of quality.

The range includes:

• Bollards • Litter bins
• Railings • Seats and benches
• Planters • Tree guards and grilles
• Cycle shelters • Cycle racks and stands
• Poster cases • Flags and flagpoles
• Parking barriers • Hoop barriers
• Height restrictors • Swivel barriers
• Raising barriers • Safety mirrors


Please spend some time to view the range and we hope you find our products of interest.

You can view the full range of PROCITY® products by either clicking the link below for the full catalogue (requires Flash Player). Alternatively you can download the individual ranges in PDF format.